Thursday, July 26, 2012


We had a fun time at the Ogden Rodeo. Well, I should say I had more fun once I knew Kynnady was fine after mutton busting. She has wanted to mutton bust for awhile now. But after watching really close at the last rodeo we went to she wasn't so sure anymore. When Ky mentioned that we were going to the rodeo, she made up her mind and really wanted to do it. I got really nervous about it. I try to keep the kids safe and unharmed all day long and I felt funny signing a waiver that I was okay if she were to get hurt. I knew it was unlikely that she would be injured, but I also wanted it to be a fun experience and I wasn't sure if she'd see it that way. It turns out she did. She was the last rider and did well- scored a 73. She must have done well because her dad gave her a practice session on the tramp :)I was so proud that she tried and that she was tough and didn't cry. She is one awesome girly!

Kynnady is 7

Happy Birthday Kynnady! Kynnady had her friend birthday party the day before her birthday. So on her birthday her dad made her a very happy (not healthy) breakfast. Bananas, fruit snacks and a chocolate bar :) Then she opened presents. Some of her favorite things were clothes, a tennis racket, a skip-it, and an umbrella. Next we headed to SLC. We stopped to get a new book then headed to Benihanas for lunch-yum! Kynnady ate all of her lunch and it was delish! After lunch we went for a sweet treat at Hatch Family chocoaltes. It was so good that Ky drove around the block then drove back for some more. We finished up the day with some swimming at the Closes'. Both grandparents came and some aunts, uncles, and cousins too. They had a new blow-up slide that the kids were loving. It was such a fun day with an AWESOME girl. The next day was filled with more celebrating too. Kynnady shares a birthday with her cousin Mckinlee so they got a fun cookout and matching princess cakes on Sunday. So much fun! I love the baby stage, but it is so great when your daughter is growning up to be such a beautiful, fun person inside and out. We love being with her! Kynnady, we are so happy to have you and feel so glad that you were born! We love you, K-bear!


We had a fun arts and crafts 7th Birthday party for Kynnady. It was a blast! The girls spray painted t-shirts and bags, made button rings, feather hair bows, puffy paint pictures, and painted our driveway with chalk paint. It was so much fun. Kynnady has the cutest bunch of friends. It was such a fun day!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Family pictures

I am so proud of my family and want to remember the fun stage the kids are at right now forever. It was smoking hot when we had these cute family pictures taken. It is almost impossible to get everyone happy and looking at the camera. Some of them are silly and show off the kid's funny personalities. They make me happy :)

Shelby and Ky and the kids





Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bear Lake

We were able to spend the last 2 weekends at Bear Lake. We love it up there. It's so peaceful and relaxing and the kids LOVE it! Kynnady was able to catch her first real fish (not at the fish farm), Blakely drove the little sportscar, and on the way home we stopped by the Logan zoo. It was perfect weather and so cute. Porter and Harper loved the monkeys and Kynnady and I loved the cranes.