Sunday, March 25, 2012

bird houses

The kids made some darling bird houses for our back deck. They have been so excited for birds to come visit. We must have sneeky birds around here, because we have yet see any stop for a visit (or I bought the wrong kind of feed). Hopefully with all the nice spring weather we have been having, some little friends will stop by for a little treat soon. Porter wasn't feeling his best, but still made a great orange bird house

Harper made a pretty purple, princess house.

Kynnady made a fantastic mansion for her house.


Sweet baby Blakely. She seriously is such a sweet girl. Love her and her giggles. She is growing up so fast and rolling all over the place. We can't get enough of her!


Grandma Chris gave the kids some fun silk Chinese jammies. They loved them and love to practice Kung-Fu moves while in them.

daddy's race

Ky has been running in the Strider's Winter Racing series. He has done awesome (of course) and we have enjoyed watching him compete.

The kids ready to cheer daddy on.