Wednesday, March 30, 2011

nEw KiD piCtUrEs

My amazing friend Megan that I went to nursing school with has started doing photography. She is good at everything she does. She is a mom to the cutest triplets-ya 2 year old triplets. She is a super mom- amazing! I was able to have her take some new pictures of my kiddos. Yay! She did an awesome job.




the kiddos

7 year anniversary

Ky and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. Ky is always a thoughtful gift giver but this year his card was my favorite. We both purchased our beautiful cards from Kynnady. He wrote in his card-

I know being with me can be a drag,
But just be glad I don't fly a rainbow flag.
You make life seem so much better,
When you are pregnant you love melted cheddar.
I love your hair, your eyes, your curves,
If I saw you driving you would make me swerve.
I want to be the best husband for you I can,
Because you deserve a good man.
7 years plus 6 with you has been great,
Without you in my life I would be lost, there's no debate.
Here's to 7 more plus 28!
Happy Anniversary babe!
Love- Ky
I love that guy! He makes me smile. I'm so lucky to have him!