Monday, September 26, 2011

lots of work-lots of play

We have been having lots of fun being back home and catching up on life. We have been enjoying some of the things we would have done if we were here for the summer. We have been working on projects around the house trying to get things ready for the baby. The biggest project we have been doing is finishing the basement. I am so excited about how things are coming along and I think we will have things ready by baby time-yay! Ky has done a lot of work on it, but don't worry he has been able to play some too. Ky caught this wiper at the Bay the other day. He is enjoying ALL of his hobbies and he can't wait for hunting season to begin.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Future Rockettes

Kynnady was able to do a fun dance camp with her cousin, Morgan, who is on Box Elder's drill team. She loved learning a new dance from her cousin.She did such a great job performing- so cute!

Tree Frogs

It's soccer time again and Kynnady is on team Tree Frogs. She has a good time playing. Her favorite part is treat time and socializing with her friends :)

Bear Lake

We finally made it up to Bear Lake. We have so many great memories that we have made there and we were really excited to get up there and relax with the family. We enjoyed boating and going to the beach with grandpa and grandma. The kids were happy to get in a tube ride. We enjoyed a beautiful hike up to Bloomington Lake and got to see a moose wading in the water. And of course enjoyed some awesome food. We had a fun time roasting marshmallows and eating cobbler with grandma and grandpa and the Meisers. Bear Lake is never a disappointment.


Harper loves to play in my make-up. She had the foundation caked on really good this time. And I love the eyebrow. She told me, "Mom I didn't get into your make-up, I'm just pretty."