Monday, July 14, 2008

B-Day Dino Park and Pizza

My mom's birthday is on Wed.(7/16), but we started the celebration tonight. She wanted to take the family to the Dinosaur Park and to Pizzeria, two of Kynnady's favorite places. We had a really fun time together. My mom is the best. She is always thinking about others before herself and tonight was a perfect example of that. Thanks mom .....and Happy Birthday! The pictures are of Kynnady and her cousin Ryker.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Yard

We have been trying to tackle our yard this summer. It is a huge project, but I'm very happy to report that our RV pad is complete, our walk-out patio is done, PV water is turned on, sprinklers complete, curbing was just finished, and yesterday they powerseeded our grass. I could never imagine that I would be this excited about our yard, but I am really happy with it so far. We know we still have a lot of work to do but our check list is almost complete...yippee!!! Then we will have to focus our efforts inside on the twins room. The pictures are from last night.