Monday, January 31, 2011


The kids are all doing well and besides a few colds they all have been healthy so far this winter! Yay! They all are good eaters and are growing like crazy. Harper is still on the smaller side. She weighs about 24 lbs. but she is getting tall. She thinks she is boss everywhere she goes. She likes to mother Kynnady and Porter. Kynnady is growing and doing so well in all her activities. She is so sweet and is constantly making cards and art for others. Porter is a funny boy. I could write a book about all the silly thing he does. An independent, but sweet boy! He is getting big. He weighs about 29lbs. so he is quite a bit bigger than Harper. And his feet are almost the size of Kynnady's. I have been working on potty training Harper and thought that I'd wait awhile before training Porter. But he has been training himself. He is so stinking independent. He will just take off his clothes and go to the potty. Awesome!!! Last night we were watching TV, he disappeared for a min. then came back with his pants off holding the potty chair. He set it down in front of the TV did his business and then tried to help take it back/clean up. Funny! His favorite outfit right now is his "unders" and cowboy boots. He has even been found outside a few times in this attire. I have some cute pictures on my phone of him in his boots but I can't pull them up for some reason. They both are doing well but we still have some work to do. I will be glad when we have no more diapers at all. They are all at such fun ages. We are enjoying them so much. For some reason I never dreamed having a family would be this much fun. I guess it helps when you are blessed with an awesome husband and kids :)

Another snowman

Meet Belle
Kynnady has loved making snowman this year. She made this cute one all by herself!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

train ride

We went to see Tangled and ride the train in the mall with my family. The kids loved it and did SO WELL! It feels so good to be able to do fun family stuff together and have them really enjoy it. Porter did almost climb out of the train at the end but overall no problems. Yay, I'll cross my fingers but things are starting to get easier :)


Kynnady started up tumbling again this year. She is liking it a lot and is working hard to learn new things each week. It is fun to watch her learn and improve.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kynnady and Kynnady

Kynnady and a neighbor friend made this cute snow-wo-man. They named her Kynnady.