Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm in need of some new vocabulary. I think I probably use the word seriously 1,000x a day. 99% of the time it's because of the kids and 97% of that is because of Porter. Like today, Kynnady had a friend over to play in the snow. The twins got cold so I brought them in. I kept checking on Kynnady and her friend though. And one time I left (a fully clothed) Porter for 2 min. and came back inside to find him naked, sitting on top the middle of my kitchen table with a bowl of Doritos that he poured himself watching t.v.-seriously? Or the time he went downstairs, into our food storage, got a can of applesauce, brought it up stairs, climbed up to get 2 bowls of out the cabinet, 2 spoons, the auto can opener, opened it, poured it, and then shared it with his sister-seriously? or finding my hidden candy stash in the highest cabinet-seriously? or dumping out the entire box of new cereal, again-seriously? or writing on his new shirt with a sharpie, that was hidden in the drawer-seriously? dumping out millions of drinks-seriously? reaching my i-phone that was ON TOP of the bar stool that was ON the counter so he couldn't reach it (I thought) and dumping into his sister's cup of milk-seriously? or running outside with nothing on but his underwear and cowboy boots in the middle of winter-seriously? stacking 3 stools on each other and trying to climb on them-seriously? or finding and plugging in my iron-seriously? or hanging from the light above our kitchen table-seriously? or shoving all the fridge magnets into in sister's easy bake oven-seriously? or waking up in the middle of night for at least 2 months straight just to hang out and play with his toys-seriously? Ky and I would find him in the middle of the night with his light on, cowboy hat on, stool in his bed, just sitting down reading a book-seriously? son, GO TO BED. We have now removed the light bulbs (taping the switch was no match) moved every toy and all chairs out of his room. He will still wake occasionally to take all the clothes out of his closet-seriously? I could go on and on about the wild things he does daily. So far the two's with the twins have been a little bit of a challenge- they can be pretty crazy. But with saying that it has also been really fun. I just have to laugh at all the craziness! Porter is so independent, mischievous, silly, sweet, and lovable. He can make a lot of messes, but he also melts my heart. I'm so grateful every night that we all have survived alive.
I love my kids so much-seriously!!!! :)


Kynnady has caught the fever. She has it quite bad. Even little Harper has it. All day long they talk about Justin Beaver (Beiber). I took Kynnady to Never Say Never. She LOVED it. I have to admit he is pretty talented. It is so cute to hear the girls giggle about Justin Beaver.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day
I LOVE my family! We had a great Valentine's Day.

Ky and I were able to spend the weekend at a cabin, in Heber, with some friends. We had a great time. On Valentine's Day the kids enjoyed a pink breakfast and lunch. Kynnady had a fun day at school and loved getting valentines from all her friends. And that evening Ky brought home PF Changs (Yummy!!!) and we watched a couple of movies.

LOVE these guys!!!!