Monday, June 25, 2012

We are adding another KID to our family :)

We are excited to announce that we are adding to our family. Our new kid is a goat named, Lady Loulou Captain Hook Snow White Close the III. Loulou for short. She is a 3 month old pigme goat. She loves the kids and the kids love her. Even Blakely gets excited to see her. So far she has been an awesome, low-maintenance pet. The kids take her for walks, give her baths, play with her, and she eats our weeds and trims the grass. We are in LOVE!

Founder's parade

We are ENJOYING summer so far. The kids were excited to go the Founder's Day parade and fireworks. We were able to go to some friends to cookout and watch the fireworks and the kids had the best time. It is fun to watch them make new friends. They had a blast and are looking forward to the 4th.


Our cute neighbor/friend/Kynnady's school bus driver, Loni has been so sweet to take Kynnady on a few horse rides. Kynnady has a blast. I love this picture of her.

Father's Day

We are so blessed to have great guys in our lives. We had a fun cookout with my family to celebrate Father's Day. The kids are lucky to have Grandpa Rick and Grandpa Bob. They treat us all so well. And I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have Ky. He is the BEST husband and father to our kids. He makes everyday great! We love you!


I love this little beauty. I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

Friday, June 8, 2012


We spent hours outside yesterday catching butterflies, ladybugs, and tadpoles out in the back field. Kynnady is really good at it and even caught a butterfly with her bare hands. We are loving summer so far. Even Blakely loves hanging out outside with us. So much fun!


Kynnady's front tooth was hanging by a thread for a few days. It was super loose and I tried pulling it out one night for almost 2 hours. Then she wouldn't let us touch it. You could see down into the tooth where the nerve used to be- it was so loose. Then she finally let me try again and I was able to get it out. I can't beleive my little girl is growing up so fast. I love this toothless grin.

St. George

We enjoyed a little va-k to sunny St. George. We enjoyed lots of fun family time. The boys played some golf and the girls went shopping and for pedicures. The kids loved swimming, going to the park, riding the carosel, playing at the splash pad, and playing with their cousins. The entertainment was spectacular with dance preformances and pulling tricks on the kids (even though the adults thought we were way funnier than the kids did.) We enjoyed some yummy food at the house and had fun going out for some yummy Japanese food. It was a fun way to kick off the summer. swimming yummy Japanese Porter catching the shrimp Playing at the park making ice cream