Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

We've had a great December. We loved celebrating all the traditions of the season. The highlights- decorating, making cookies, ginger bread houses, family parties, etc. The part we want to forget- passing around the stomach flu to everyone in the family (except Blakely). We were lucky enough though to be well for Christmas. One of my favorite gifts this year was Blakely sleeping 8 hours through the night on Christmas. Woot woot! We feel so blessed and we love this special time of year! We love all the fun traditions and excitement, but we feel so grateful for the life of our Savior and to be able to take some time to remember Him.

Decorating the gingerbread house

Making cookies

Acting out the Nativity scene
(Porter was confused and thought his costume meant he could wrestle and he tried tackling the performers) silly boy :)

Blakely's first Christmas

getting spoiled

cute cousins

Christmas morning

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We saw the lights and Santa with the family. The kids were in heaven. Harper told Santa she wants "lots of mermaids to fill the whole place." Porter wants a "dinosaur." And Kynnady wants "american girl dolls, an i-pad, bike, clothes, and on and on." Good thing they have all been really good this year. We had a special treat on the wagon ride because our nephew Jackson was asked to help and he safely "drove us." We had a great night with family that ended with delicious hot chocolate.

Friday, December 2, 2011

1 month

Blakely turned one month today. Time has flown by. She has brought so much happiness to us. She is the sweetest baby girl. She sleeps (pretty) well, eats well, and usually only cries if she needs a feeding or a burping. Today her cord finally fell off. I was beginning to think her cord might stay on so long that it might keep her from wearing a bikini in her teenage years. She had a huge hematoma in her cord. It obviously didn't really affect her, with her weighing 8lbs., but with all that could have happened I'm so grateful she is here and healthy. We love her so much. She is just what our family needed!

toothy grin

Kynnady lost her second baby tooth. It needed to be pulled out because her permanent tooth was coming in behind it. Good thing Grandpa Rick is a wonderful and PATIENT dentist because she was really nervous and almost didn't let him pull it. After it was was over she was really proud and said it was fun and didn't even hurt!