Saturday, September 22, 2012

2nd Grade

What? Kynnady started 2nd grade. It's crazy. She is really growing up. So far this school year has been great. She LOVES her teacher and LOVES chasing all the boys and having them take her to jail at recess. She is one smart girlie too. We are excited to see her continue to learn and grow this year.

Shelby's spa

We had a back to school spa day. Complete with a cucumber eye treatment, manis and pedis, and massages. I love that Harper's cucumber is half eaten. Funny kids!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Ky was able to go on a boys' fishing trip with my Dad and brothers to Alaska. They had a blast! Every time I talked to him on the phone I could almost feel him smiling.


Ky is coaching Kynnady's soccer team this year. They are the Blueberry Tidal-waves. Kynnady is playing so well. She has scored 2-3 goals every game so far. It is awesome to watch her learn and progress. So far the Tidal-waves are undefeated-good job Kynnady and coach Ky!


The twins are getting so big. They are so funny and such good little buddies. They play together so well (most of the time). It is so nice for them to have each other. Lately they love to fill backpacks or boxes full of toys and tote them around to different locations and play. They also love their neighborhood BFFs, McKade and Bailee. They love to drive the escalade, play dress up, play dinos or ninjas, and Barbies. I love this age. They have the funniest imaginations. It is a sweet pay off to see them interact and play so well. It makes my job easy. I'm so grateful we have them in our family.

Blakely 10 months

Blakely is awesome! She is so much fun. She has such an easy going personality and loves being in the action with her older siblings. She still just has 2 bottom teeth, is a good sleeper, loves all foods-especially graham crackers, LOVES to dance,and cruises around holding on to furniture, my legs, etc. She has stood by herself for a few seconds too. Love her!