Thursday, December 23, 2010

SuGaR cOOkiEs

Yum! We had a fun playdate with some friends and made sugar cookies. The kids loved it and did a really good job. Porter was a pro at rolling out the dough and cutting the cookies out. Kynnady was an amazing froster and Harper liked licking all the frosting. The cookies turned out wonderful! We have had so much fun getting ready for Christmas. We are all getting so excited.

Gingerbread House

The kids decorated a lovely gingerbread house. For every candy they placed on the house they ate at least 7 pieces. I took a little video and I asked Harper where the house was- then she opened her mouth to show me. I love that they are getting so big and that they are able to have fun doing fun holiday activities.


The kids got new sleds to use in the snow last week. They had a blast!


Harper got into Kynnady's fashion faces. It's a kit that you trace faces, color, and then add makeup. Instead Harper decided to put the makeup of herself. I think she was going for the Lady Gaga look :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am a terrible photographer. I wanted a cute picture of the kids and this was the best I could do. They are all so silly!
I don't have a good reason for not blogging :( But these 3 kiddos have definitely been keeping us busy. Kynnady is doing a wonderful job in kindergarten and she is loving learning to read. She has made lots of new friends that she loves to play with. The twins are very independent and into EVERYTHING! Porter is such a curious boy. He loves to figure out how things work. He loves water and has finally started to outgrow his curiosity for the water spout. One day he got into the tub 3 times with his clothes on-silly boy! Harper loves to do anything her big sister does. She speaks very well and acts way too grown up. We are enjoying the holiday season. The kids are at such a fun age. I can hardly wait for Christmas!


Kynnady painted a beautiful picture for the reflection contest at school. The theme was "Together we can." She painted a picture of her and her daddy picking up garbage and putting it into recycling bins. She did such a great job. We were able to go to an award ceremony where is was chosen for student favorite and she was also chosen to move onto compete at the district level.