Saturday, July 23, 2011

Franklin County Fair

We went to the fair. It was scorching HOT!! We ate yummy fair food, saw farm animals, walked through the booths, and enjoyed the demolition derby. The kids loved watching the cars crash into each other. Porter had a ball and was very attentive. And Kynnady didn't want to leave. I don't know if I ever remember being that hot before in my life though. The humidity has been bad the last few weeks and we are having a heat wave. My pregnant feet are swelling just like the rest of me :(

so big

We put press-on nails on Kynnady. She was feeling so big in her new birthday clothes, jewelry, newly pierced ears, and nails. I love having girls to do girly stuff with. It's so much fun. She can slow down a little on growing-up though :)


Happy Birthday Kynnady!

Kynnady turned 6 years old. She is an amazing little girl. And she is growing up so quickly. We started the day opening presents. She got spoiled! Some of her favorite gifts were money, earings, clothes, a webkinz, and a microphone. Then we headed to Bob Evans for breakfast. She wanted to go there and she ordered 2 mini cheeseburgers and a salad with ranch-silly. Then we headed to the mall and got her ears pierced. She was super brave and said it hurt, but only for a minute. Then later in the afternoon we had a pool party for her. We had her cute friends from out here come and celebrate. We made fishy cupcakes, blue jello cups with swedish fish, cookies, and had otter-pops, goldfish, swedish fish, and squeeze-its. It was a smoking HOT day and felt really nice to be in the water. She received some really cute gifts from her friends. She is a great help to me and Ky and we are so lucky to have her in our family. We love watching her grow and learn. She is getting really good at swimming, cartwheels, reading, math, and jump-rope. We love Crue-Bear...Happy Birthday!


We had another fun day at the zoo. We were able to bring Daddy with us on this trip, so it was extra special to begin with. It was super hot, but we walked around an saw some animals for a bit, then we were lucky enough to watch a little parade with Dora the Explorer and her friends, and then ride the asumement park rides. The kids had so much fun. We all laughed and giggled on just about every ride. I love asumemnt parks, but being able to see your kids LOVE the rides and sharing the experience with them is amazing. They are growing up so fast and they were all so brave. It was such a fantastic family day.


The weather here has been HOT! So we have been swimming a lot to beat the heat. The kids improve their swimming skills every time we go. Kynnady can now swim without her floaties. Porter is becoming a little fish. At first he didn't want to get in the water unless he had on his life-jacket, floaties and his boat, but now he is his crazy self in the water. And Harper continues to be our water bug. It has been so much fun watching them improve so much in a short time. Next week we plan on swimming just about everyday so it will be fun to watch them continue to grow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She lost it!

Kynnady lost her first tooth! It was so exciting for her. She has wanted a wiggley tooth for a long time, especially because most of her school friends have already lost teeth. Her two bottom teeth were slightly loose a few months ago and then last week she tried wiggling them and her tooth was loose. She got brave last night and let me pull on it (one time and for the bribe of a late bedtime and $1) and it came right out. Such an exciting day, but almost a little sad too. My little girl is growing up. It seems like yesterday I was so excited to see that little tooth come in. She is so excited for her birthday next week. She is a big girl now!

Bunny Park

We had a fun day at the Bunny Park splash pad. It is such a fun place to play. Harper is our little water bug. She loves the water and isn"t afraid of it at all. Kynnady has gotten a lot braver and Porter is cautious and nervous with the water. That works to my advantage though. They are all getting better at swimming everyday and we are loving our pool.


Ky's office met a goal so they had a fun activity diving for quarters. They placed $200 in quarters in the bottom of our pool. The boys took turns diving in and grabbing as many as they could in one breath. It was entertaining. The wives had a turn and it was much harder than I expected. Ky did great though!

the Fourth

We enjoyed the 4th of July here in Ohio. I took the kids to the Hilliard parade in the morning. They loved it. It was perfect weather and they each got a huge bag of candy. It seemed more like Halloween with the candy we brought home. We spent the afternoon at the pool and then met Ky for an early dinner. It was so nice to have him home early. Then we enjoyed the Hilliard fireworks and fireflies. The kids are at a really fun age and I love watching them have such fun experiences.